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first movie of is winter


The QUEST Episode 4 – Mission to Gelas with FBM

Ultimate bike and ski adventure in the french Alps. Two good friends are trying to link the highest peak of Maritime Alps to the sea, first by ski than by bike trough the mountains. Awesome riding, beautifull landscapes and a great atmosphere. This will motivate you to build a trip with your pals!

Beautiful day in paradise

This was my last day on Aruba after 8 months of windsurfing. The best way to spent your last day is to sail with Ethan Westera, so that’s what I did 😉
The wind was quite strong so I sailed with a 6.3 and Ethan was on a 7.1 Gaastra Vapor
Riders: Ethan Westera Aru4 / Tim Wallage Ned828
Location: Fishermans hut’s – Aruba
Sponsors: Hightide Surfshop
Director: Tim Wallage
Music: Mike Perry – The Ocean ft. Shy Martin


99novenove Defi Wind 2016

DEFI Wind 2016 by Novenove

Défi Wind 2016 1300 windsurfers and the inverted race

Over the last 16 years, the Défi Wind has become the biggest windsurfing event worldwide. Thanks to the famousTramontana wind blowing many times over 40 knots and the commitment of Philippe Bru’s team, many extreme races have been written into the history books here in Gruissan. Unfortunatly this year the Tramontana didn’t cooperate with the 1,300 windsurfers registered in the event. Anyway, every windsurfer knows it’s part of the game and the friendly athmosphere didn’t suffer from the lack of wind. On the second day, some onshore winds came to allow a short funny race with the perfect inverted course compared to a regular Défi Wind day. And this race was kind of extreme as well… More infos, photos & vidéos on the official website: http://www.windmag.com


Quand Damien Le Guen profite des jours qui se rallongent pour s’entrainer en slalom…When Damien Le Guen enjoy the long spring’s evenings to work out in slalom…

The Other Hours

100% of this was shot on GoPro. The drone is a DJI Phantom 2 with gimbal. http://www.dji.com/

Work. Its a fact of life. This is a tribute to those hours outside of work and the day to day business of life. A tribute to the « other hours ». Jeff Brines shot this over the last year in his free time away from the 9-7 grind as a financial analyst and co-running Earlyups.Editing was done in Premier Pro, color in SpeedGrade.

The numbers are as follows – Over the year Jeff skied ~140 days and rode his bike 160+. Snowfall shredded north of 500″. Human powered vertical ascended (and descended) was close to the 1 million mark (bike and ski combined). After all that, the high five count was eclipsing 1,000 by even the most conservative estimates. Isn’t this the most important metric of anyone’s life? We think so…

We’ll do our best to make more of these as time goes on!

Places – Jackson, WY – Kicking Horse, BC – Fairy Meadow, BC – Santa Cruz, BC
People – Tom Runcie (skier under drone), Tucker The Dog, My High Fivin’ Friends
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