Relive the year 2014 with Parrot in videos

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Relive the year 2014 with Parrot in videos
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Relive the year 2014 with Parrot in videos
Relive the year 2014 with Parrot in videos
Relive the year 2014 with Parrot in videos
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Dropbox lève un coin du voile sur son app iOS 7

Dropbox a dévoilé hier de substantielles nouveautés pour son offre destinée aux entreprises. On y trouve, entre autres la possibilité de connecter son compte pro avec son compte personnel, afin d’utiliser les deux simultanément. Pourquoi devoir jongler avec les mots de passe ? L’idée est (…)


iTunes ne vous plait pas? trop proche d’Apple? Vous préparez une migration vers Google Play? Vous voulez défintivement partir dans le Cloud? Vers Spotify ou Deezer?
Dans tous ces cas, je vous recommande vivement le site suivant:

De quoi assurer l’interopérabilité de vos playlists!

Wahoo Fitness RFLKT Computer, Blue HR, Blue SC and KICKR Power Trainer

Une petite société qui fait des supers produits. Je guette la sortie du RFLKT+ qui permettra de connecter les capteurs via ANT+ à l’ordinateur vélo Wahoo lui même connecté à l’iPhone en Bluetooth…

Wahoo Fitness RFLKT Computer, Blue HR, Blue SC and KICKR Power Trainer

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Molly A and Eric Stobin tell us about the new offerings from Wahoo Fitness that includes the Blue HR bluetooh 4.0 heartrate strap, the Blue SC bluetooth 4.0 speed and cadence sensor, and the RFLKT iPhone powered bike computer for your handlebars. The RFLKT connects to your favorite apps and sends the data direct to your handlebars so you can save your battery and keep your phone safely tucked away. Also featured is the KICKR Power Trainer for road and mountain bikes, that won the Most Innovative Product award at CES.

From the Manufacturer:

RFLKT Bluetooth Bike Computer

The Wahoo RFLKT is the world’s first iPhone powered bike computer! All the power of your iPhone in the size of a sleek cycling computer. Keep your iPhone safely tucked in your jersey pocket and access all of your App data from your bars.


  • iPhone Powered: The Wahoo RFLKT wirelessly receives data and images from an iPhone located in the jersey pocket or saddlebag of the cyclist. Using the buttons on the side of the RFLKT, a user can control the App, change data screens, start and stop the timer, and control other App functionality such as music playback and more.
  • Sleek Profile: Weighing in at only 2 ounces, the RFLKT measures 2.4” long by 1.6” wide by 0.5” thick
  • Coin cell battery; no need for extra cables or recharging
  • Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 (Smart) Connectivity: The RFLKT has simple wireless connectivity through a Bluetooth 4.0 connection
  • Weather and shock proof: RFLKT is IPX7 certified for riding in all types of weather and on all types of terrain
  • iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 compatible
  • $129.99 Retail

Compatible Apps:

RFLKT is compatible with the NEW Wahoo Fitness v3.0 App for Cycling, and compatibility with other top rated cycling Apps including Cyclemeter and even popular running apps such as Runmeter.

For more information visit

Blue HR (Heart Rate Strap)

Wahoo Fitness Blue HR heart rate strap is the world’s first Bluetooth Smart heart rate strap made for the iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, NEW iPod Touch (5th generation), iPad (Mini, 3rd and 4th generations). This heart rate strap and App combination transforms your iPhone into an all-in-one training device, great for runners, cyclists, and other fitness enthusiasts. The Wahoo Fitness Blue HR heart rate strap connects wirelessly to your iOS device without the need for any adapters and delivers accurate real-time heart rate data through the free Wahoo Fitness App. Additionally, our open API allows other popular Apps, such as Strava, RunKeeper, MapMyRide, Cyclemeter, MotionX-GPS, and 321Run to work with the Blue HR. With the Wahoo Blue HR and your favorite fitness App, you now have your heart rate data, your playlists, your phone, GPS maps and more– all in one device!

Works with iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod Touch (5th generation), the NEW iPad (Mini, 3rd and 4th generations)!

Compatible Apps:

Wahoo Fitness, MotionX-GPS, RunKeeper, Runmeter, Cyclemeter, MapMyRUN, MapMyRIDE, 321run, Endomondo, and more!


  • Comfortable, elastic fabric strap to minimize chance of chafing strap can be hand washed
  • Accurate and reliable: records data even when receiver communication is interrupted
  • Two-snap connection is easy and fast and includes adjustable length strap
  • Sends and receives signals up to 10 feet unobstructed
  • Compatible with the iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPad (3rd and 4th generations), NEW iPod Touch (5th generation)
  • Waterproof up to 5 feet
  • Replaceable 3 volt CR2032 coin cell battery
  • Wireless
  • Bluetooth Smart
  • $69.99 Retail


  • Sensor Pod: 17 grams {0.6 ounces}
  • Strap: 28 grams {1.0 ounces}
  • Total: 45 grams {1.6 ounces}

For more information visit

Blue SC (Speed, Cadence, Distance)

Transform your iPhone into a powerful cycling computer with the Wahoo Blue SC for iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPod Touch (5th generation), iPad (Mini, 3rd and 4th generations)! The Wahoo Blue SC is the world’s first Bluetooth Smart (4.0) cycling speed/cadence sensor made for the new iPhones and iPad Mini, 3rd and 4th generation. This sensor and App combination transforms your iPhone into a powerful cycling computer. The Wahoo Blue SCconnects wirelessly to your iOS device (no Wahoo Key or Bike Case required) and tracks your cycling speed, cadence, and distance through the free Wahoo Fitness App.

The Wahoo Blue SC’s exciting new odometer functionality tracks the lifetime distance of your bicycle and stores the data in the device. Whether you ride with or without your iPhone, as long as you have your Blue SC you will always know the total mileage of your bike. Using the free Wahoo Fitness Odometer App, you can sync all your data once in range of your iOS device and see the lifetime mileage of your bike by week, month and year. Additionally, our open API allows other popular Apps, such as Cyclemeter and Strava to work with the Wahoo Blue SC.

This device works with the iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPod Touch (5th generation), iPad (Mini, 3rd and 4th generations).

$59.99 Retail.

For more information visit

Jouet pour grand (bis)

Et oui, non seulement le jouet est sympa à piloter, mais en plus il donne quelques vidéos sympa à monter et revoir ensuite. Et promis, au prochain vol j’enlève le cache en plastique de l’écran.

Skitch 2.5 prend en charge les PDF


Skitch 2.5 prend en charge les PDF
Evernote a mis à jour son outil d’annotations et de prise de notes Skitch, disponible en version 2.5 pour ses déclinaisons OS X et iOS. La principale nouveauté, en ce qui concerne la mouture mobile, est la possibilité d’annoter les documents PDF, sur lesquels on pourra même coller (…)

ANT+ launches new protocol

Le protocole ANT+ est certainement celui qui convient le mieux au mesures embarquées en sport. Utilisé avec mon Garmin 310 XT, son inter-opérabilité est démontrée puisque je connecte sans le moindre problème mon GPS au cardio, au capteur de vitesse et cadence du vélo, au capteur de cadence de course à pied, alors que tous ces accessoires sont de marques différentes. Sans compter le dongle ANT+ de Wahoo (, que je connecte à mon iPhone et qui permet de profiter de tous ces capteurs, ou de connecter mon iPhone à ma montre pour uploader mes entrainements sur Garmin Connect (

Avec l’arrivée récente du bluetooth 4.0, qui connaît un fort développement avec l’arrivée de l’iPhone 4S puis 5, et également poussé par Polar, le procotole ANT+ devait évoluer pour rester en position de leader. Quelques lignes ci-dessous pour en savoir plus.

ANT+ launches new protocol

Dynastream Innovations launched a new version of its ANT protocol today that could mean improved function for cycling devices that use the wireless transmission, including power meters and some speed/cadence sensor and heart rate monitors.

According to the company, the new ANT will allow for much faster communication between devices with more data being transmitted, and all at a lower battery cost. What cyclists might notice most, however, is the claimed faster signal acquisition – meaning you won’t have to wait so long for your Garmin to find and pair with your power meter.

Existing ANT products will be compatible with those that will use the new protocol. And products whose firmware can be updated, like the new Stages power meter, can be upgraded.

“Our fundamental goal is to always deliver ANT products that are forward-focused and future proof so that manufacturers can continually build upon what they do,” said ANT Wireless vice president Rod Morris. “Because we deliver technology that works easily, consumers receive the very best available devices and can draw from an incredibly diverse and established ecosystem.”

An increasing number of wireless cycling devices use ANT already, with Garmin as the dominant player leading the charge. Some smartphones use ANT, too, including the Sony Xperia line and the HTC Rhyme, and the Wahoo ANT+ Key plugs into iPhones to effectively make them ANT+ computers, also.

ANT can be used to communicate with multiple devices simultaneously, such as a Garmin and another head unit.

Garmin purchased Dynastream in 2006.