Runcam 3 VS GoPro Hero5 Session | HD Camera FPV

GoPro Session is becoming a popular HD camera to use on mini quads due to its compact size, but it’s expensive! Here I have the new Runcam 3 which is designed for FPV and supposed to be much cheaper yet maintains the same form factor.

In this initial review we will compare the appearance, features, and performance of the two cameras.


Housing and Dimension

In terms of dimension, the Runcam 3 is nearly identical to the Session, both have width and height of 38mm. However the Runcam 3 is 1.5mm longer in length.

Also it’s worth noticing that on the Session 5, the 4 edges of the housing are a bit more rounded than the Runcam 3, making the Runcam incompatible with the mounting frame that comes with the Session.

The Session 5 has rubber housing while the Runcam 3 is made of hard plastic.


There are 2 buttons on this camera, a shutter button (located on top), and a mode button (located on the back).


There are 2 microphones on the camera (located on top and back), and they are optimised to minimize wind noise.

USB Port

It uses Micro USB cable.

SD card slot

SD card slot is protected by a rubber lid so your SD is not going to pop out in crashes.

Silicone Mount

It comes with a silicone mount that is designed to be mounted on top of your mini quad. It also fits the session perfectly.

When using the rubber mount, It’s recommended to use a strap to hold the camera in place. Therefore you also don’t have to worry about dirt getting into the USB port, or SD card popping out (even there is already a rubber lid).

Features and Spec

Runcam 3 Session 5
Price TBC $300
Weight 66g 72.5g
Dimension 38x38x37.5mm 38x38x36mm
Video Resolution TBC
1080p 60fps
720p 120fps
4K 30fps
2.7K 48fps
1080p 90fps
720p 120fps
Video File Format .MOV .MP4
Still Photo TBC 10MP
USB Port Micro USB Customized cable
Superview No Yes
Video Out for FPV Yes No
Water Proof No Yes
Image Stablization No Yes

Since the Runcam 3 is designed for FPV, Waterproof and Digital Image Stabilisation aren’t really that a big deal IMO.


One of the most important feature to the Runcam 3 is the capability of WDR (wide dynamic range), which is optimized for FPV flying.

Image Quality

WDR is awesome on this camera. I didn’t even change any settings and it worked pretty well in many extreme situations such as pointing directly to the Sun or coming out of a dark tunnel. In these cases, the GoPro Session 5 just seemed to be either over-exposed or under-exposed.

I am comparing these cameras with their default settings. I am sure the GoPro could have performed better in these tests, but it might require some tweaking on the settings in each environment (white balance, ISO etc).

Therefore at this stage, I think the Runcam 3 makes a really good beginner HD camera, something you can just put on your quad, go out and fly. The GoPro provides the option to film in Flat Color, which gives the user more flexibility to colour correct in post production, and it’s not available in the Runcam 3. If you do a lot of video editing you might find the Session more powerful.

And for FOV, the Runcam 3 doesn’t do Superview. Personally I’m a big fan of GoPro’s Superview and I did ask Runcam repeatedly, but it’s just not possible at this stage unfortunately. The good news is, under “Wide” the FOV of the Runcam 3 and Session 5 are pretty similar.

Runcam is still working on improving image quality before the release. There are footage samples on the internet from the prototypes, however that might not be exactly how it will look like in the production version. Therefore I will publish footage when they have finished optimizing the image quality. Come back to check on a later date, or join our forum or FB group to receive notifications.

Video out Latency Test


No Dashcam?!

It’s worth pointing out that in the manual it says this:

Never use Runcam3 as a dashcam, this may damage the camera battery and create a safety hazard.

I was told by the camera manufacturer, due to the design of the enclosed housing, cooling has been a challenge, and I should avoid using the camera without good airflow. So the Runcam 3 is created for FPV use mainly!


Since I posted info on, I have been messaged with questions, so I thought I might answer some of the popular ones here:

How to change settings?

There will be an APP available on iOS and Android. Camera can be connected via WIFI.

Smaller FOV?

When comparing the footage, the Runcam 3 does look a little bit smaller in field of view. However when I asked Runcam about this, they explained that the 2 cameras actually have almost the same horizontal FOV, but the vertical FOV of Session 5 is wider maybe that’s why.

Does Runcam 3 has Superview?

No, the Runcam 3 cannot do Superview at the moment.

From my understanding, the Superview of Session 5 is achieved by converting screen format from 4:3 to 16:9. But Runcam 3 can only record videos with screen aspect ratio of 16:9.

Release date?

I was told end of Feb 2017.

Is it possible to change battery between flights?

No, there is no easy access to change battery, until you take the camera apart, which is probably something we won’t do in the field.

Is it possible to charge the camera while filming?

Yes, but it’s not recommended by Runcam as it’s bad for the battery.

Any Other Questions? Just comment down below.

Source:Oscar Liang


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