10 ways to make better mountain bike videos

Seth’s Bike Hacks shows us his best tips

Experiment with different angles to give the viewer the a better sense of the rider and the trail.

Experiment with different angles to give the viewer the a better sense of the rider and the trail.

GoPros are cool to use. But the output from them is barely watchable even for the rider who shot the footage. Unfortunately, Youtube is full of these long, POV videos when looking up popular trails. Riders who’ve ridden that trail before may find some segments interesting but the general public, it really is a pain to go through 35 minutes of POV content. The slogan ‘Be a hero’ unfortunately doesn’t apply to most of us when producing GoPro video.

Seth of ‘Seth Bikes Hacks’ does not make the raddest mtb videos around but his advice here is very sound. He prioritizes the key stuff first and explains his logic very clearly as well. Listen to Seth and give us hope towards getting watchable mountain bike videos on Youtube.

Type in the name of your favorite mountain bike trail, and you’re likely to see a few videos posted directly from someone’s action camera. Sometimes, they’re cool, but usually they suck. When they are edited, it’s usually to add long title screens, annoying music, or over the top transitions which only exacerbate the nausea you’re experiencing… that is if you’re still watching.

But action cameras are the easiest way to record your ride, hands down. So how can you use them to make videos that don’t suck?

  1. Get a good camera angle.
  2. Use the proper settings.
  3. Record some other non POV stuff!
  4. Edit your video.
  5. Choose your very best clips.
  6. Lose the title screen and crazy transitions.
  7. Let us hear the trails.
  8. Edit to the music.
  9. Get more angles.
  10. Tell a story.

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