F1 FPV Racing League Launch Promo

Official launch promo for F1FPV Racing League.

Special thanks to Aaron Griffin who supplied us with the great high speed shots. http://ift.tt/1EDpyEh

​​​​F1 FPV (formerly known as MSRL) is a league of racers based out of Raleigh, NC that all share a passion for the sport of FPV racing. Our goal is to create the best possible experience for the racer. We strive to do this by putting countless hours into innovative course designs and as well as keeping organization a top priority. Our league is a proud member of GoDroneX Association. We use their tried and proven software to manage races on race day. We ensure all racers in the event get plenty of stick time as well as competitive races. We are always looking for volunteers to offer their professional talents to aid in the expansion and growth for our league. If you feel you can contribute in any way let us know at F1FPV.com

We have a great team of Professionals running our events to include :

Shelby Voll (Mark Vollrath) Co-Founder of F1 FPV and VP of GoDroneX

PShaw (Patrick Shaw) Co-Founder of F1 FPV and Director of South Atlantic Division for GoDroneX


À propos ldonnay
Associé dans une grande Entreprise de Conseil, heureux papa de 3 charmants enfants, profondement amoureux de leur maman, passionné de sport Outdoor: planche à voile, VTT sous toutes ses formes, trail, course à pied, ski sous toutes ses formes, alpinisme, voilà de quoi bien remplir une vie.

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