4°C, ouch, c’est froid! Voilà ce qui m’attend dehors pour notre session du jour…Toujours Fred, Étienne et cette fois Thomas se joint à nous, ainsi qu’R1. Nouvelle session enduro au programme, cette fois côté Marly. On enfile à nouveau les protections, l’intégral et en route…


Mondial du Vent / Sosh Cup: Albeau maîtrise les kites à Leucate !

Et clac!

Mondial du Vent / Sosh Cup: Albeau maîtrise les kites à Leucate !
Floating imageLa troisième journée de la Sosh Cup a une nouvelle fois donné lieu à de beaux échanges entre windsurfeurs et kitesurfeurs sur le run de vitesse de Leucate. Avec une Tramontane un peu…

Intense’s New 951 Evo Gets 27.5″ Wheels

Le boss parle…

Intense’s New 951 Evo Gets 27.5″ Wheels
We posted up a video we shot with Jeff Steber running through the vision behind the 951evo late last week. Check out some additional shots and details of the bike inside. The 27.5″ wheeled downhill bike from Intense made its debut last week. They’ve revamped the 951 and are now calling it the 951 Evo. […]

Thomson Cross Country carbon flat bar review


Thomson Cross Country carbon flat bar review

Thomson have been the industry standard for seatposts and stems for what seems like forever, so the opportunity to ride their new Cross Country carbon bar was not one we wanted to miss.

The geekery is that it’s made from Toray carbon fibre blended to provide a balance of strength and flex – this isn’t about ultimate strength or helium-like weight. An off-centre clamp allows a flat ride or, when reversed, an 8mm drop, which is ideal for 29ers.

Weighing just 186g at the full 730mm (cut marks run to 40mm each side in 5mm increments) it’s hyped as an ‘all day’ bar, and with that in mind it was duly fitted to our everyday Whyte work bike.

It’s a demanding ask because this is the bike that gets to go where the whim of the location editor dictates. It changes daily, and swapping the setup is impractical – this bike has to cope with whatever the terrain demands, with no excuses for not having the right kit fitted.

The Thomson has been in position for five weeks now and… We’ve barely noticed. That’s a good thing. When you consider the requirement has varied from tricky technical descending to open moorland climbs to playing on singletrack in the woods, it’s a very good thing indeed.

To provide comfort and accuracy to a photographer whose pack weighs the same as a small car is a big ask, yet the Thomson Cross Country carbon bar delivers with beautiful subtlety. Impressive.

Aaron Gwin Wins DH on a 29er – Jill Kintner Wins on a 650B – Sea Otter 2013

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Aaron Gwin Wins DH on a 29er – Jill Kintner Wins on a 650B – Sea Otter 2013
Aaron Gwin Wins DH on a 29er - Jill Kintner Wins on a 650B - Sea Otter 2013

Aaron Gwin finishes milliseconds ahead of Mick Hannah to take the win, and Jill Kintner continues her winning streak.

Sortie Enduro

Pour ceux qui veulent venir…
RdV ci-dessous à 9h00 et on repasse a 10h00 pour les retardataires. A demain!

Route Royale, Forêt Domaniale de Marly le Roi, 78620 L’Étang-la-Ville


Casque Intégral ou Enduro? Protection intégrale ou dorsale du sac à dos Evoc? Plates et 5.10 ou XTR All-Mountain et cales SPD? Gopro Black Édition ou Nikon D70? Gros sac à dos avec la pelle pour shaper ou petit sac avec chrono pour les spéciales?
Que prendre pour les sorties de ce week-end? A par le vélo (en photo), tout le reste est encore a préciser.
Votre avis m’intéresse!